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Many health problems in dogs and cats are associated with digestive problems and nutrition deficiencies.

These can have a cumulative effect over time, resulting in pets that experience obesity, arthritic, digestive, degenerative and even cancerous maladies. Other common problems are bad breath, skin disorders and general lack of vitality as pets age.

The constraints placed on pet food manufacturers in terms of quality of ingredients, loss of nutrition in mass production and the need to get heavy, bulky product through the retail distribution channel at a low price result in food that comes nowhere near the levels of purity, freshness or nutritional value that we experience in human food.

Vetraceuticals Daily Feline Health System For Cats

Did you know that even premium cat foods cannot provide the nutrition your cat needs?
Cat Product

Commercial cat foods provide sufficient nutrition for your cat to survive - but can be sadly lacking in the critical nutrients your cat needs in order to thrive. Optimal nutrition helps cats live vital, energetic, happy lives, and provides them with the nutritional support and strong defenses they need to combat such diseases as cancer, immune and cognitive disorders, infections, arthritis and other disabling conditions. It also helps to improve skin and hair coat, reduce hairballs and decrease fecal odor.

Why is this true?

The high temperatures required to process commercial cat foods destroy many of the heat-sensitive nutrients that are beneficial to your cat's health. Enzymes, probiotics and many vitamins and antioxidants are destroyed in the manufacturing process.

What can you do to improve your cat's health?


Add a scoop of Vetraceuticals high-potency, life-enhancing formula to your cat's food daily. No other supplement can compare to Vetraceuticals.

Why is Vetraceuticals the right choice?

Vetraceuticals works synergistically with cat food to supply missing nutrients, extract more of the food's nutrients and assist in ridding the body of byproducts (potential toxins) created during normal food metabolism.

Result? Better nutrition, fewer toxins, better health

What does this mean to you?

Vetraceuticals can help your cat achieve optimal nutrition, which helps support the following categories:
♥ Anti-aging
♥ Anti-arthritis
♥ Anti-cancer
♥ Improved immunity to stave off disease
♥ Improved joint & muscle function
♥ Improved digestion & nutrient absorption
♥ Improved cardiovascular performance
♥ Improved energy and vitality
♥ Healthier skin & more lustrous coat
♥ Reduction of hairballs
♥ Fresher breath, stronger teeth
♥ Detoxification
        ... and much, much more

Your cat depends on you...
And you can depend on Vetraceuticals to help you improve the health and quality of your cat's life. It's a great feeling to know you are helping your loving feline companion.

Cat Product
Daily Feline Health System
One month's supply. 31 doses
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Veterinarian Designed
Veterinarian Designed