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Canine Superstar

Many health problems in dogs and cats are associated with digestive problems and nutrition deficiencies.

These can have a cumulative effect over time, resulting in pets that experience obesity, arthritic, digestive, degenerative and even cancerous maladies. Other common problems are bad breath, skin disorders and general lack of vitality as pets age.

The constraints placed on pet food manufacturers in terms of quality of ingredients, loss of nutrition in mass production and the need to get heavy, bulky product through the retail distribution channel at a low price result in food that comes nowhere near the levels of purity, freshness or nutritional value that we experience in human food.

Vetraceuticals Daily Pet Health System

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Daily Feline Health system now available: click here

Cat Product
Daily Feline Health System
One month's supply. 31 doses
Our cat formula is HERE!


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Daily Canine Health system is available in three sizes:

Small-Medium Dog Product
For Small-Medium Dogs
One month's supply. 31 doses
for dogs 7-25lbs.


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Large Dog Product
For Medium-Large Dogs
One month's supply. 31 doses
for dogs over 25lbs.


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Tiny Dog Product
For Tiny Dogs
Two month's supply. 62 doses
for dogs under 7lbs.
* product shipped
 every other month


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Veterinarian Designed
Veterinarian Designed