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Why should you supplement your pet's diet?

The benefits are many:
Supplementation may help your pet in the following areas:

  • Increase resistance to disease
  • Prevent Cancer and Arthritis
  • Promote a longer life
  • Promote optimum health and energy levels
  • Increase luster of coat and improve skin condition
  • Improve digestion, decrease flatulence and decrease odor of feces
  • Improve bad breath
  • Improve the quality of your pet's life
  • Because you LOVE your pet (and your pet will love you for it)

There are other supplements on the market, but none can compare to Vetraceuticals.

Vetraceuticals' unique three-step program provides human-grade, high quality nutrients in different stages to ensure optimal absorption and nutrition. The ingredients in the different formulas act synergistically to help cleanse, support and nourish your pet to optimum health.

More is not always better.

Many supplements list a great many ingredients. This might seem to provide great benefits. But does it really? Just because it is natural or a supplement, does not mean it is the best thing for your pet.

Not all nutrients should be fed on a daily basis. Over-feeding of some nutrients for extended periods of times can cause gastrointestinal problems. Some nutrients, if fed long-term, can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients.

It's not quantity that counts. It is synergy and balance.
This is why Vetraceuticals' 3-step program is so important.

Vetraceuticals Ingredients

Vetraceuticals uses only premium grade ingredients to make our pet nutrition supplement. Vetraceuticals is manufactured following the strictest guidelines in one of the highest rated supplement manufacturing facilities in the US.

The essential ingredients in Vetraceuticals provide a synergistic blend of nutrients to support your pet's overall health.

Years of research have created an optimal formula to help provide your pet with the nutritional building blocks he or she needs to help maintain optimal health, fight disease and prevent premature aging. Ingredient synergy means that the specific combination and amount of each ingredient in Vetraceuticals pet nutrition supplement provides more benefit than on their own.

Get the most from your pet food.

Vetraceuticals' proprietary blend of enzymes (Vetrazymes™) and probiotics not only helps your pets extract more nutrition from his or her food; it assists in the elimination of the toxic byproducts of digestion. This eases the strain on your pet's digestive system as well by processing the food faster, which decreases potential toxin leakage from slow digestion. This detoxification process is an important part of maintaining good health.

Vetraceuticals contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids crucial to your pet's health. Our manufacturing process preserves these nutrients that are typically destroyed in the processing of commercial (even premium) pet foods.

In addition to vitamins E and C, the Vetraceuticals blend includes real powerhouse antioxidants like coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, and oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs). By supporting the immune system and staving off free radicals, Vetraceuticals helps your pet fight off cancer and premature ageing. Fortified with joint enhancing ingredients, Vetraceuticals also helps reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and provides building blocks to stave off degenerative joint disease. Phytonutrient-rich whole food concentrates; chlorophyll-rich spirulina and chlorella provide a rich source of cleansing nutritive ingredients.

Not just a supplement, but instead a nutritional system for better health.

Vetraceuticals has taken all the guesswork out of creating a balanced superior pet nutrition system. Please review our ingredient glossary to read more about each individual ingredient. You will be amazed at what Vetraceuticals can do for your pet.

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