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Why should you supplement your pet's diet?

The benefits are many:
Supplementation may help your pet in the following areas:

  • Increase resistance to disease
  • Prevent Cancer and Arthritis
  • Promote a longer life
  • Promote optimum health and energy levels
  • Increase luster of coat and improve skin condition
  • Improve digestion, decrease flatulence and decrease odor of feces
  • Improve bad breath
  • Improve the quality of your pet's life
  • Because you LOVE your pet (and your pet will love you for it)

Don't wait till it's too late.

For most of us who live with pets, our animal companions are like members of the family. We want them well and happy and care deeply about their well-being. When a pet is ill, it becomes a crisis in the family. And the death of a pet is devastating -- as heart-breaking as losing a treasured relative.

Vetraceuticals powerful formulas can help your pet

Vetraceuticals© powerful formulas can help your pet's health...

Vetraceuticals unique three-step program provides human-grade, high quality nutrients in different stages to ensure optimal absorption and nutrition. The ingredients in the different formulas act synergistically to help cleanse, support and nourish your pet to optimum health.

Customer Testimonials

See what just some of our many happy customers are saying about Vetraceuticals®

"Thank you for saving my baby's life"

Dear Dr. Schelling,

Noni Marie

I have been feeding my baby, Noni Marie, a very high quality pet food called Bone Appetit and also giving her Vetraceuticals for the added nutrition. I decide to give her an extra "treat" and was putting some Old Roy dog food with gravy on top of her regular food as I thought she would like the flavor.

Noni Marie was not her usual self. She was acting depressed and lethargic. When I heard about the pet food recall I was shocked. The Old Roy was on the list and Noni Marie was sick. I called my vet and he said to watch her overnight and bring her in the next day if she was still acting poorly. The next morning Noni Marie was throwing up and had diarrhea so I rushed her to the vet.

My vet asked me what I was feeding her and I told him. He asked me what the Vetraceuticals was and I was surprised because I had shown him the ingredient list before. I got the ingredient list and showed it to him again. He said that Vetraceuticals was "good stuff" and that it had saved Noni Marie because the Vetraceuticals had enabled her to process the Old Roy food through her system more quickly and had enabled her to get more nutrients from the Bone Appetit to help keep her strong enough to overcome the toxins in the Old Roy.

Now that I have found out that the problem with the Old Roy was rat poison I know how lucky I was to have been giving Noni Marie her Vetraceuticals.

Thank you so much for saving my baby's life. I can't tell you how happy I am that she is alive and healthy.

After 6 weeks on Vetraceuticals in one trial dog, it appears to have helped with its EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) and may help other dogs with the same condition. I shall definitely continue using it for dogs where we suspect EPI, other digestive problems and disorders related to malabsorption, colitis etc.

Kimberly's Dog Troy

Dear Dr. Schelling,

I have to thank you for such a wonderful product. I have multiple dogs and have every single one of them on Vetraceuticals, and now with this cat formula I plan on adding my cats too!

I have to thank you for bringing the life back into my rescued shepherd, Troy. We guestimate his age at about 6 to 7 years young.

Before Vetraceuticals he was not very active and would just lay around. When he would get up he was stiff, and I can tell he has some issues with his hips. He has been on Vetraceuticals for 3 months now, and let me know tell you he is so full of life now! His eyes look bright, he is not stiff when he gets up, and he runs and tries to play with me. This has never happened in the past, ever... I just enjoy seeing him bright eyed, happy, and most of all healthy!

With all of my other dogs, I have noticed a total change in energy levels. Zuus, my other shepherd was extremely overweight and was a couch potato. I think Vetraceuticals has helped me get some of the weight off of him because I have been trying for over a year and over the last 3 months, which is how long he has been on Vetraceuticals, I have noticed the weight melt off of him and he looks healthier. Now he is finally at a weight I would like to maintain and for a large breed dog, I truly do not feed him all that much. But I feel the Vetraceuticals helps him absorb all of the good nutrients in his food and I don't have to over feed him.

So long story short, thank you so much for helping my pack become a healthy pack.

After just one week we have noticed our 6 year old miniature poodle has a more energetic disposition. His eyes do not seem as gooey; his coat is thicker and softer than ever and his breath does not have that off odor. He loves the enhanced flavor Vetraceuticals adds to his food, and looks forward to his dose every morning. He just plain appears happier and healthier than ever.

Molly and Megan

Dear Christianne,

I would like to thank you for developing Vetraceuticals supplement. I have two Doberman/Rottweiler mix twin sisters – Molly and Megan – that are now 9 years old.

I recognized the need to give my dogs supplements as it was obvious to me that even the expensive "good" dog foods could not provide all that my dogs needed for health and vitality.

I started Molly and Megan on Vetraceuticals with a long term view that if I gave them all I could for healthy nutrition, it would give them the best chance possible of a lengthened, higher quality, more vital life.

I looked upon Vetraceuticals as an inexpensive long-term "heath insurance plan" for my dogs. I need to tell you, however about the changes I have seen in them in an amazingly short time. Both dogs have more vibrant and healthy coats. Megan had extensive grey "spectacles" and a very grey chest. The grey on Megan has almost completely gone. Both dogs seem more playful and I have absolutely no doubt that they are benefiting immensely from Vetraceuticals.

By the way, far from Vetraceuticals being a difficult thing to get the dogs to eat, they will not now eat without it being added!

Thank you so much.

OK! I know I said I'd e-mail you guys to let you know how my Pugs are doing on the Vetraceuticals... and here I am. Better late than never!

It's always Pug-demonium here, so I apologize for being late.

That nasty breath issue appears to be a thing of the past. Thank you! Thank you!

Not only do I thank you for me, but for my Pug posse. They all LIKE the taste.

Wonder of wonders. For those picky Pugs to purposefully pick-up from their plate and be pleased is positively perfect!


Sidney has been enjoying Vetraceuticals now for a bit over 3 months and I have seen some very welcome changes in his physical appearance and his overall health.

For months we battled dry, flaky skin and hot spots. Sid would scratch until he would bleed in some areas and would constantly roll on the carpet to get some sort of relief from the itchy skin on his back. His coat was dry and course with no shine. In addition, he was bloated. His tummy was hard and round and he would groan when I picked him up. You could just feel that it was uncomfortable for him because of the pressure.

My groomer mentioned the dry, flaky skin to me about a month ago and suggested I add flax seed oil to his food. So I added the oil along with the Vetraceuticals.

Well, that was a mistake! Sid's skin got so bad it looked like he had been sunburned and was peeling! I immediately stopped the oil but continued with the Vetraceuticals and made no other changes to his diet.

Today, I am so happy to say that Sidney's dry flaky skin is completely resolved! No flakes! Also, through the course of the last 3 months, his bloating is gone. His fat, round belly is softer and slimmer. He has dropped a couple of pounds and his coat is softer, not so course and it has a shine to it now.

Sidney just seems much more comfortable overall. It is good to see him feeling happier!

It was three days before Christmas and when I had gotten home from work that evening I noticed that Joey, my 7 year old miniature poodle, had torn open a bag of chocolate candies. He had eaten several pieces. The shredded wrappers were all over the floor and he had chocolate all over his paws and mouth. This made me very nervous as I remember that chocolate was not the best for dogs and could even kill them. I watched Joey closely thought the night, and in the morning took Joey to the vet.

He was examined and to my delight Joey checked out fine. The doctor was curious as to why Joey did not suffer the side effects that would normally accompany this sort of behavior. I explained that Joey has been taking Vetraceuticals pet supplements with his meals for the last year and a half. The doctor asked if I would bring in the info on the product. I did and after he read the information he exclaimed that this product was probably the reason that Joey was able to fight off the effects of the chocolate.

Thank you Vetraceuticals.

John and Maggie

Thanks for Vetraceuticals!

My nine year old Dalmatian mix, Maggie, has so much more energy and acts just like she did when she was a puppy. She loves to eat her food now that I have added Vetraceuticals and her coat is sleeker and her breath is vastly improved.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am Dinky the Cocker Spaniel mix.

My mom asked me to write you and tell you how happy she is with the Vetraceuticals powder she is putting on my food.

Apparently I don't appear as "listless" as I used to. I don't really know what that means, but I just do what I am told. (Well, mostly)

Anyway, I didn't like the taste at first but Mom mixes it in a little peanut butter and I sure like that!

She said to tell you Thank you!


Too often we contact companies that we do business with only when we have a problem with service or are dissatisfied with a product.

I am writing now to express my complete happiness with both!

When I began the Vetraceuticals program for my Lab mix Roxy a few months ago, I had several questions that were promptly answered when I phoned you — by a very friendly person. I am only sorry I neglected to get her name so I could single her out!

I am seeing very positive results with Roxy already. Her coat has turned from dull to shiny, and she is not constantly scratching herself. I think her skin is much less dry and she is very content.

It's funny, I know these changes took several weeks to occur; but to me it seemed like overnight!

Thanks for a great product!


Dear Vetraceuticals,

I started my dog Frankie on Vetraceuticals about 4 months ago and I have to say I am very happy with my decision.

Frankie looks and acts healthier.

The change that stands out the most is that Frankie hardly ever eats his own feces anymore.

Yes lots of dog do this, they eat their own crap. Some of you know exactly what I mean. It's gotta be bad for them, right?

But it gets worse when you have a dog that kisses you goodnight with poop-breath. Since starting on Vetraceuticals Frankie rarely eats his poop anymore.

Our goodnight kisses are enjoyable for both of us and they smell like yummy biscuits!

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