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veterinarian designed

Joy Brunn aka Doxykeeper Dachshund Rescue & Placement

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Joy Brunn <br><i> aka Doxykeeper</i> Your Vetraceuticals Rep:

Joy Brunn
aka Doxykeeper

I am a Dachshund Rescue and have been researching and learning about better nutrition for dogs for several years. I encourage all my adoptees to feed the higher premium dog foods of which I provide a list. So when I was approached about Vetraceuticals, it fell right into what I have already been doing for years, teaching people about better nutrition for their pets which saves lots of money in vet bills in the long run. My dogs are healthy and love their Vetraceuticals.
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Joy Brunn <br><i> aka Doxykeeper</i>
Vetraceuticals® Pet Nutrition System consists of three high potency formulas that help provide your pet with the benefits of powerful, active, beneficial ingredients...

and they're pure

no fillers, no sugar, no dye!
As seen in Modern Dog magazine
Veterinarian Designed

Nutritional Pet Supplement

Digestive disorders, arthritis and joint problems, cardiovascular disorders, lethargy, cancer, immune disorders, canine/feline Alzheimer's, weight problems, skin problems, bad breath, excess gas... these are all things that your pet may be subject to as it ages.
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Healthy Lives - Spread the Love

As humans we try to eat the freshest, most nutritious foods available to us, and even then we know that we need to take vitamins and supplements to achieve optimal health.

Cat Formula now available

Feline Health System
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Our pets are not as fortunate as we are when it comes to nutrition.

They are much less likely than humans to receive the optimum levels of nutrition from their basic diet. While most pet foods will provide sufficient nutrition for your pet to survive they may be sadly lacking in terms of what your pet needs to thrive and have a vital, happy, healthy and long life.